Wedding Day

For those couples-to-be that are struggling to decide between hiring a photographer or a videographer for their wedding day, you may be making a pros and cons list for both services.

Lets take a look at five very good reasons why you should choose a wedding videographer for your big day:

1: Capturing the sights AND sounds of your big day. While a wedding photographer will be able to take snapshots of your big day, often using staging techniques where your photographs are posed ‘for the camera’, a wedding videographer will instead effortlessly blend into the crowd to take footage of the natural interactions of your guests, while being completely unaware of the camera focus.

2: Seeing and hearing the exchange of vows. Capturing the moment of you ceremony where you say ‘I do’ can look lovely when frozen in time with a still photograph. However, being able to watch and hear you speak your vows is so much better!

3: Watching events that you missed. While you were busy preparing for you wedding ceremony, your videographer will be busy capturing all the excitement and the anticipation of your wedding guests that you will never get to see otherwise.

4: Sharing your wedding with those that cannot be present. No matter how well you plan your wedding, there will be special guests that won’t be able to make your big day. These could be elderly family members, friends or family that live overseas, or guests that were too ill to attend on the day. Your wedding film will enable them to witness what they missed and will help them feel more included in your happiness.

5: Re-living your memories today and tomorrow. Time moves quickly and memories fade. Having a well-crafted wedding film will enable you to preserve your wedding memories forever and share with future generations and new friends that were not around for your wedding day.

By choosing the right wedding videography company you will have no regrets.