Theme for your Wedding Day

Coming up with an overall theme for your wedding day that you can both agree on can be quite tricky! What if one of you wants romance, flowers and floaty fabrics while the other would much prefer a clean-cut monochromatic of stark black and white wedding, or even a 40’s themed vintage style wedding? It can be difficult to agree to a theme if it completely leaves one of the party out of the picture, so how can you reach a compromise that will make you both happy?

Discuss your ideas

Using a theme for your wedding is becoming increasingly popular amongst many couples to be these days. Having a defined theme means moving away from a traditional style wedding that you have probably witnessed many times and can end up as not being particularly memorable.

Wedding themes do not have to be precisely defined. Bear this in mind when you are discussing your ideas with your partner. Just because one of you wants to have a retro-style wedding doesn’t mean that absolutely every element of your wedding must follow suit.

If you can start off with a simple and elegant plan for the main components of your wedding day and reception, then at least you have made a start and have agreed on something. So start by agreeing your wedding date, ceremony venue and reception venue. Once you have these in place you can start to add style elements drawn from your ideas about themes and colour schemes.

Learn to compromise

Once you have your basic wedding plans in place, you have frame that you can start to hang things from. Learning to compromise is key here. So lets say that the bride wants a whimsical and romantic setting for the wedding ceremony with lots of pretty and colourful flowers and greenery for decorations, but the groom would prefer to see a more stylish approach with red or white roses for decoration, a compromise may be reached elsewhere.

If the bride feels more passionate about her choice for the church decorations, but the groom feels more passionate about the choice of band or style of music that will play at the wedding reception, then a compromise can be reached here. The bride gets her favourite flower decorations and the groom gets his favourite music.

Setting the mood

The wedding style you choose to create will have a direct influence on the mood and atmosphere you set at your wedding. Consider this carefully before jumping in with a theme. If you want your wedding to be fun and quirky, then choosing a sophisticated and relaxed theme for your wedding isn’t exactly going to create the mood you really want.

But what if the bride wants fun and quirky, but the groom wants smooth and sophisticated? Again, here is an opportunity to compromise. A little give and take on both sides can see you agreeing to pull in elements of sophistication and fun.

Your wedding reception could see your tables set up very tastefully with a highly polished and clean-cut look, yet the bride could have her fun by giving each guest a small and cheeky gift that when unwrapped, she will know will make people laugh and giggle.

Mixing two time periods

Lots of brides and grooms are going for vintage or retro wedding themes these days. While choosing a wedding theme that reflects a different time period is great and can be very memorable for everyone invited, it can cause some issues if the happy couple cannot agree on the same theme.

What if the bride wants a heavily Victorian style wedding, but the groom would prefer a more Medieval theme? A compromise here would be to set the wedding in a historical building or castle that dates from Medieval times. The theme for the wedding dress and decorations could all be Victorian, and this would work greatly against a backdrop of a Medieval building. Both time periods have strong Gothic feels and use rich and deep colours such as scarlet, purple and gold.