Wedding Videographer in Norfolk

There is a lot of skill and effort that goes into becoming a successful wedding videographer, but what truly makes an award winning service is years of dedication and experience as well as specialist knowledge of technical filming and editing.

A natural creative flair for film making is an essential ingredient of course, but so is the ability to create stunning wedding films that are tailored specifically to suit the personalities and tastes of the couple concerned. This is why an outstanding wedding videographer will limit their client numbers so they can spend time with the future bride and groom to get to know them well and have the time to focus on crafting the captured footage following the event to create a perfect wedding film.

A fine example of an award winning wedding videography service would be White Dress Films. This closely knit team of professional videographers and skilled editors have been creating stunning wedding films for over fifteen years. They understand that each wedding story that they become involved with will be completely different from the next. They take great care to listen to the couples involved and will take on board their personal style, likes and dislikes.

About White Dress Films

White Dress Films are a truly creative videography company from Norfolk that exclusively specialise in filming and producing state of the art high definition wedding films. They go out of their way to craft and create films that set out to tell your own unique wedding story in a heart-warming and tasteful way.

All filming takes place in a completely unobtrusive way to make sure that what is captured is natural and totally unscripted. Your wedding story is unique to you so you will want a wedding film that shows the events of your big day unfolding captured in real-time video. You will be left with a beautifully preserved memory of the most important day of your lives that you can cherish and share for years to come.

Their dedication to their craft and expertise in videography has earned White Dress Films the winning title for The Wedding Industry Awards for the East of England, 2016.

With a winning combination of skill and expertise in the wedding videography industry as well as a fine attention to detail and the ability to blend into the background at your wedding to be able to capture real-life natural footage, White Dress Films have all the right ingredients to effortlessly capture the events of your special day.

What makes a good wedding videographer great?

Having all the technical knowledge and expertise in the world about camera equipment and editing techniques is a sure way to deliver a high-quality result, but the videographer has to thoroughly enjoy their work and more specifically working within the wedding industry to perfectly re-tell and connect with each and every wedding story they produce. This is exactly what the team do at White Dress Films.

Although the company is based in Hertfordshire, the team actually work all across the country and will also travel abroad for those couples wanting to have a destination wedding. You can view more about this award winning wedding videography company on their website and watch some of the stunning wedding films they have produced for other lucky couples.

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