After Wedding

Once the whirlwind of your wedding day has finally passed and your feet have now come back down to earth, it is time to think about preserving all of your special memories of your big day.

As well as the wedding photographs to be approved and an album to be made, your wedding film to be produced, deciding what to do with all of the leftover wedding cake, and how to preserve your wedding flower bouquet, you will also be wondering what to do with your beautiful wedding gown.

When you think about it, after you had chosen your wedding dress style, you may have spent many months having gown fittings and alterations before it was finally ready for your big day. That seems like an awful lot of time, money and effort being put into a dress that you have only worn for one day.

Obviously, your wedding gown is very special to you and you will want to look after it so you can treasure the precious memories that it holds for you. Having your gown cleaned and preserved as soon after your wedding day as you possibly can will certainly help to keep it in pristine condition. Accidents do happen, so your wedding dress may have picked up a few wine splashes, food crumbs, make-up smudges, grease marks, grass or mud stains, as well as a few tears along the way. Leaving these to soak into the fabric of your dress for too long can leave quite lasting damage and stains that can be hard to remove.

Cleaning your wedding gown

You may think it will be fine to leave your dress for a few weeks while you concentrate on getting your life back to normal following your wedding. However, delaying the cleaning of your dress can make things more difficult for you. Simply hanging up your dress and brushing off any cake crumbs and dried mud isn’t going to be enough. The best way to ensure your dress is thoroughly cleaned ready for preservation is to have it professionally dry-cleaned. Check with your dry-cleaners that they have experience with cleaning delicate wedding dresses before you trust your gown to them.

Preserving and storing your wedding gown

Keeping your gown safe from harm is going to be your top priority once you have it back from the cleaners. You don’t want to hang it up in your wardrobe only to find your pet cat starts treating your gown like a scratching post! However, leaving it inside the plastic bag that the dry cleaner supplied you with isn’t a good idea either. Plastic bags can give off fumes that can be absorbed by your dress and can cause it to turn yellow.

Even hanging your wedding gown on a hanger can be detrimental. Your gown contains a lot of material is is very heavy. This can cause strain on the seams as well as the fabric. Your dress could stretch and seam stitching can weaken and tear apart over time.

By far the best way to preserve your wedding dress is to have it boxed. Your dress will be folded and layered with acid-free tissue paper so the fabric cannot be damaged. The box will keep your dress protected from dust and sunlight that can cause fading and yellowing.

You can choose between having a plain box or a sealed box. A plain box is not sealed and you will be able to easily remove your wedding dress as and when you want to. This is great if you want to display it or wear it again on your wedding anniversary. It can be great to get your dress out of its box just to look at and feel when you want to reminisce and remember your big day.

The absolute best way to perfectly preserve your dress is to use the sealed box method. There are advantages and disadvantages to using this system though. The sealed box goes that extra step further to protect your dress than using a regular box. Because the box is completely sealed, it can keep out moisture from damp atmospheres, prevent it from getting dusty and will keep out insects such as moths. However, you cannot take out your dress whenever you like because you will break the box seal.

You need to decide how you would like to keep your dress before you choose a storage method. For more info visit my website.