Wedding Songs

Planning your wedding day can be stressful enough without the extra task of choosing what piece of music you want to walk down the isle to, or sorting out your evening entertainment – should you choose a live band or a DJ? Decisions, decisions…!

When you are completely stumped about what music to choose for your walk down the isle, while you greet your evening reception guests, to have playing while your guests are dining, or for your first dance as a newly-wed couple, then we have some suggestions for you.

The walk down the isle

Doing a traditional wedding? Then you may want to stick to the most popular wedding isle walk music in the world in the form of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. Most commonly used during traditional church wedding ceremonies, the all-time favourite theme is still a choice that many brides stick to, even when using a more contemporary wedding venue.

For those hosting a more modern or quirky wedding ceremony, then something like ‘Home‘ by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, is proving very popular choice. The lyrics simply echo the message “Home is whenever I’m with you”. How much more romantic can you get?

Background music – with an edge

Many couples to be will want to create a relaxed, yet classy feel by hiring a string quartet to play some low-key music in the background while their guests socialise. You can add a little modern and edgy twist here by asking the band to play more contemporary hits with meaning, such as ‘One Day Like This’ by Elbow.

You and your new spouse will be able to appreciate the heartfelt meaning in the hidden lyrics:  “Cause holy cow, I love your eyes, and only now I see the light. Yeah, lying with me half awake. Oh, anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day”

Your wedding dance

Your wedding dance is a significant moment within your special day. This is your very first dance together as a married couple, so you want this to be a memorable and powerful moment. What could be better than making an impact on the dance floor by dancing to: You’ve got the Love‘ by Florence and the Machine.

A very euphoric and memorable tune to celebrate your first dance while listening to the lyrics: “You’ve got the love I need to see me through”.

Getting the family singing along

Bear in mind that your wedding will probably full of family and friends of all different ages and musical tastes. Not wanting to leave any old romantic members out of the picture, you could try to squeeze in some all-time classics that are loved by both young and old. Whether they choose to dance or sing along, it’s always worth adding a crowd pleaser such as The Beach Boys : ‘God Only Knows’.

The finishing song

Another all-time classic that makes a perfect choice for your wedding is Ben E King : ‘Stand By Me’. Guaranteed to get your guests swaying along wrapped in each other’s arms, this is the ultimate romantic tune to give your wedding evening that finishing touch of class and deep emotion.