Centrepieces for Your Wedding Tables

Every couple to be will want to have a beautifully decorated reception that includes wedding table decorations. Most couples like to make a statement with a stunning centrepiece for their top table,  as well as something matching for each dining table, not only to create a wow-factor but to give a lovely backdrop for wedding snaps that family and friends will be taking.

Flower centrepieces

A table centrepiece can reflect a couple’s personal style and tastes for favourite colours or favourite flowers that are close to their heart. You can choose themed centrepieces that matches your wedding style, or you could choose to go with the seasons, so if you are having a spring wedding your centrepieces could be made up of a colourful selection of bright spring flowers and lush greenery. A winter wedding can include elements of cooler colours with white flowers against dark green foliage for a striking contrast.

Matching colour schemes

Your wedding colour palette could have a big influence on what you incorporate into your centrepieces as well as other table decorations. You could tie the colour scheme in with the colours and shades of the bridesmaids dresses, or add a bold splash of deep red that picks out the scarlet colour of the grooms cravatte, waistcoat pattern or top pocket handkerchief.

Choice of table shape

Your wedding table centrepieces can be influenced by the shape of the tables you will be using. For example, if you plan on having long rectangular-shaped tables that are neatly lined up, then having a long and trailing centrepiece that stretches the length of each table will help tie everything together. Here you can make great use of green foliage to stretch between and link up a number of small flower displays that run the length of each table.

Where you are using round reception tables, you must create a centrepiece that will look good from all angles to all guests seated around the edge. You also need to take note of the tablecloths and table linens being used so to complement rather than clash with the colours you are using there. Also remember to not go overboard with centrepieces that may sprawl across the table leaving little elbow room for your guests to eat or to place down cameras, phones and clutch bags.

Dressing your table

When you are having floral displays for your table centrepieces, then you can match in your tableware to give a more coordinated look. Choose coloured napkins that will emphasise your centrepieces, and twisting them to resemble flowers can also help to match up the look.

Your table glassware can also be chosen to pick out elements of your colour scheme and floral displays. Drinking glasses and centrepiece are two things that will appear on your table anyway so why not choose glasses that are not only functional, but will also complement your display!

Add an extra wow-factor to your centrepieces by using glass bowls filled with water. You can add all sorts of floating blooms and floating candles to the water to create an interesting look. Set each bowl on top of a flat mirror to give twice the impact and add an interesting twist to your displays.