Favourite Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

Everyone wants their wedding day to go to plan and as smoothly as possible. Some people are so concerned about things going wrong that they will go out of their way to ensure that many favourite wedding traditions and superstitions are met to give the couple to be the very best of luck on their big day.

Lets take a look at some of these practices to see if you may want to incorporate any into your own upcoming wedding.

Not seeing the Wedding Dress

Probably the most recognised of all superstitions is that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride wearing her wedding dress before the actual ceremony. While this is a popular superstition that is still followed by many couples-to-be, in truth the old superstition goes back much further than this.

Very many years ago, it was considered bad luck for the bride if she were to wear her complete wedding outfit before her actual wedding day. Although this tradition has fallen along the wayside in modern times, there are some countries that still consider it bad luck for a bride to try on her wedding dress and put on her wedding shoes at the same time, so many brides will still try them on separately.

Wedding Shoes Traditions

It has always been considered to be unlucky to both the bride and groom to wear their wedding shoes in every day life before the wedding. There is an old superstition that said the wearing of any shoes for the ceremony should be specifically used for that alone. According to folklore, the wearing of new shoes for your ceremony symbolised your commitment to each other and your new life together. The wearing of the shoes outside of the ceremony could mean the wearer was a wanderer and may walk away into the arms of another! Some people claim it was a simple sales technique to spread this rumour to enable shoe sellers to sell more shoes.

Another tradition that was popular in England a long time ago was for the placing of a coin in one of your wedding shoes. This is considered extremely lucky and wishes good wealth and fortune on the couple. This is a nice idea indeed, but would be extremely uncomfortable if you failed to remove the coin from the shoe before you walk down the isle! The actual tradition is part of the ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe’, although the latter part about the coin has been lost over the years.

Something old etc…..

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, is a very common tradition that is still carried on today. Something old was usually something gifted to the bride from a bride at a previous wedding. It could be anything, but it is a symbol of good luck from one bride to another.

Something new represents a new start and the excitement of your new life that is ahead of you. Again, this can be anything from a small gift or token from a loved one to your brand new wedding jewellery. Something borrowed should ideally come from a family member and is another good luck token to impart the bride with happiness. Something blue represents the wish for the marriage to be filled with love, honesty and fidelity.

These are examples of just a few wedding traditions and superstitions. There are very many more, some of which have been lost in the depths of time, but could be worth resurrecting once again to help bring you the best of luck for a happy marriage.