Wedding Gifts

Weddings are such wonderful occasions. It is a chance to gather together your nearest and dearest family and friends to celebrate the joining together of a loving couple. We can all appreciate that the wedding couple want to lavish generous gifts on their wedding party – pretty matching necklaces for the bridesmaids, a gift for the best man, something memorable for the parents of the bride and groom to treasure. However, did you know that the average spend on gifts for the wedding party now comes in at over £500.

According to research coming from the wedding gift industry, not only are couples spending over £500 on average for gifts for their wedding party, but the most amount of money is splashed out on gifts for the best man and the maid of honour.

A survey conducted on 500 recently married couples by Personalised Gifts Shop showed that the average spend per person was as follows:

  • Best man – £35
  • Bridesmaids – £29 each
  • Father of the bride – £33
  • Father of the groom – £30
  • Flower girls – £18 each
  • Maid of honour – £39
  • Mother of the bride – £38
  • Mother of the groom – £35
  • Page boys – £16 each
  • Ushers/Groomsmen – £25 each

Obviously, the higher the number of bridesmaids, page boys, groomsmen etc. you have then the more your gift bill will be ramped up. This can often total well over £500 when you factor in every helper in your wedding party.

Your gift list can extend to an even greater length when your family may include step-parents that will also need to be included so they don’t end up feeling left out. The sensible thing to do is to work out a realistic budget that you can afford to spend on gifts and stick to it to prevent it from spiralling out of hand.

Give yourself plenty of time to research ideal gift ideas for your wedding party so you are not under pressure to buy gifts at the last minute – maybe at a higher cost than you originally planned. By planning ahead you can often find great gift ideas and then spend time sourcing them at a lower price to help keep within your budget. Keep your eye out for bargain sales and clearances from jewellery shops where you could get a whole set of matching bracelets or necklaces for your bridesmaids or flower girls.

Where your wedding budget is of great importance, it would be worth looking at where you could make savings. Could you do without the flower girls and page boys? Do you need to have seven bridesmaids and four groomsmen? Maybe having a best man and a maid of honour will be enough for you, especially if you are having a small, intimate wedding. By reducing the numbers within your wedding party, you can then afford to spend money on a much higher quality gift for them.