We all like to save money where we can, but sometimes there are things that we just cannot skimp on. This includes very special or important events that may be one-off’s that will never be repeated again. We are talking here about weddings, christenings, milestone wedding anniversaries, and significant birthdays.

These events deserve to be documented for history so that you can look back with great love and fondness. You can get a chance to re-live your special event over again and drink in every emotion, loving tears, heartfelt speeches and adoring gazes.

You should leave capturing these special events in the hands of a professional videographer. Trusting something as important as these one-off events to someone with little to no experience could cost you dearly.

But even though you may automatically associate hiring a videographer for a special family event such at those mentioned above, there are also other times where it is important to hire the services of a professional. These occasions would include:

Special Parties

You need not consign hiring a videographer to capture to major family events such as weddings or milestone birthdays. You can also capture rare events for posterity such as a house warming for your son or daughter’s first home, or a New Year’s Eve celebration where all the family are gathered together in one place.

Corporate Events

Corporate events and parties such as company award ceremonies, galas and sponsored dinner events will all need recording and documenting. If you don’t hire an experienced videographer for your event, then you can run the risk of tarnishing your professional reputation. Should someone wish to see your event recording in the future, or you want to use some captured footage for promotional purposes, it isn’t going to create the right image or give off a good impression of your business to outsiders or potential new business partners.

Having a professional corporate video prepared with class and finesse will leave a lasting positive impression with anyone who watches it in future.

Promotional Video

If you want to shoot your own promotional videos or advert for your own products or services, then hiring a professional videographer makes perfect sense. Many companies are now realising the power of using social media to build a strong online profile and reach out to potential new customers through the power of video.

Using a professional videographer to record and edit your promotional film will be a great time-saver as well as saving yourself a lot of hassle trying to record and edit your own video.

Showcase Film

Lots of hotels and wedding venues are now using the services of professional videographers to produce very artistic and tasteful short films the showcase their facilities. These sorts of short films are aimed at attracting potential new clients and usually last between one to 45 minutes, depending on what services they offer and their target audience.

Instructional or Training Videos

Video training is a great way to explain how things work in person without actually having to have someone present in real life. Reaching a wide audience or moving people around the country to train staff or explain how equipment or practices work can be very expensive and a hassle to coordinate. Video training and instructional videos can solve this problem for a company as well as be a more cost-effective way of delivering their training to new staff.

These are just a few ideas for when you will need to hire the services of a professional videographer. We are sure you may be able to think of a few more!