Inexpensive Wedding

Many couples to be may be the type of people that don’t like to be the centre of attention and would balk at the idea of a big, brash and very lavish wedding event. A lot of bride and grooms much prefer the idea of having a smaller and more intimate and low-key set up for their wedding day preferring to share their special day with a few close family and friends. There are also couples who are working with a particularly tight budget, so will want to be very cost-conscious with their plans for their big day.

For all of these couples, we would like to share some helpful tips to help you get started with planning a smaller wedding while keeping an eye on the costs.

The wedding dress

The wedding dress that the bride wears for just one day can work out to be one of the most hefty expenses on your wedding budget. There are a few ideas you could think about to keep the costs down on your bridal gown, yet still allow you to look stunning as you glide elegantly down the isle.

Instead of buying a gown for your big day, you could look at renting a wedding dress instead. The beauty of doing this is not only the amount of money you can save, but you can get to wear a really expensive and stunning designer gown for the day that has the real wow-factor. Renting your gown will also save you ongoing costs of keeping your dress clean and well preserved for the next 20 years or so and will free up a lot of space in your wardrobe.

Wedding reception

Your wedding reception is a precious time following your ceremony where you can celebrate your union with your close family and friends. There is no need to go to town on your reception because you will know in your heart that your guests will be there to celebrate your love above all else. There really is no need to impress them with a lavish spread of food, drink and entertainment when a more intimate set-up will suffice and would allow your guests to meet up, chat and share good conversation with each other.

Keeping the guest list small is your first step to keeping the costs down, but also making your reception a more memorable event where you will have more of a chance of socialising with everyone and take away some precious memories from the event.

Rather than hire a big banqueting hall and lay on catering, why not check out your local restaurants in your area to see if they will accept a group booking at a reduced price. A lot of local restaurants would be happy for the business and may offer you exclusive use of the restaurant for you reception, which would make it even more special for you.

Wedding videography

Many couples face a dilemma about whether to hire both a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer. To save yourself some money here and still have a professional service that will deliver you outstanding results, try looking for a company that combines both services. A lot of wedding videographers will offer a beautifully shot wedding film and also will be able to take some stills from your footage to produce a stunning set of photographs that you can make into an album and also share with your guests.

Hand made invitations

Wedding invitations can be simple or can be very lavish. While a lot of couples to be will go overboard on their wedding invitations, you can still create the same sort of effect by making your own using good quality card stock and a few scrapbooking tools such as curvy edge cutting scissors, decorative hole punchers and pretty ribbon.