Naked Wedding Cake?

Naked and un-frosted wedding cakes are really hot trends right now. The term ‘naked’ refers to the fact that the wedding cake is completely free from all the usual traditional elements such as fondant, ganache and buttercream. The cake is left to expose its many layers and fillings but doesn’t mean that the cake ends up looking unfinished or a bit rough around the edges.

There are a lot of different styles and designs you can go with for your naked cake, but a popular one is to combine light sponge layers with fresh fruit and whipped cream. The finishing touches can be whole fresh fruit or fresh or edible flowers and natural greenery. Many naked cakes are finished off with a dusting of icing sugar to give it a sweet edge and frosted finish.

Alternatives to Sponge

With a naked cake you have free-reign to decide how to build it. Instead of sponge layers you could choose something a little bit different such as meringue, or a combination of the two. Pancake or waffle layers can work equally as well for separating different fillings of fresh cream and fresh fruit. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, then how about something savoury like a cheesecake made entirely of cheese! Foregoing the fondant and frosting means you can come up with a naked cake that is not only beautiful and sophisticated, but is also not too sweet – but just sweet enough.

Mini Sized Naked Cakes

The multiple stacking cupcake trend is still strong with wedding cake designs. However, creating bite-sized naked cakes would be a great twist for your main cake style. They can look beautiful presented individually to your guests with or without a topping of cream, custard or ice-cream. You can also choose different fillings to please everyone, so can go with fresh fruit, buttercream, custard or hot chocolate sauce.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Just like regular wedding cake designs, you can create your naked cake in all different shape and sizes. Whether you prefer tall and thin or short and fat, square or round, you can let your creativity fly! Sometimes it is easier to create unusual designs that involve stacking and layering with naked cakes simply because the cake decorator doesn’t have to then work out how to ice the cake once it is assembled. They can simply leave the layers exposed and finish it off with some extra decorative embellishments.

Different Flavours of Naked Cakes

Who says you cannot mix chocolate sponge with vanilla? There are a whole lot of different flavour sponges you can use to make your naked cake, so if one half of the couple prefers a more traditional vanilla sponge with fresh strawberries and cream, but the other one prefers chocolate sponge with fresh raspberries and chocolate sauce, then why not layer up both? The finished effect can look stunning and adds a great talking point for your guests. To know more find out here.