Cake Trends

Whether you are planning to get married this year or next year, there are some creative wedding cake trends that have hit the scene recently that are set up to wow your wedding guests and make your special day even more memorable. These trends are so inspirational that they are set to stick around for a while too, so lets take a closer look at what wedding cake trends are hot right now!

Marbled wedding cakes

Although marbled wedding cake designs have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years, this year has seen a staggering increase in demand from cake designers. If you like this idea then think along the lines of mixing fairly neutral traditional wedding colours together, such as white, cream, golds and pastels.

Naked cakes

Naked cakes made a big impact last year and are all set to carry on going strong this year too. With more people choosing healthy options and looking to cut down on their sugar intake, naked cakes offer a unique combination of fresh fruit and flowers to act as the main decorations rather than thick layers of sickly sweet sugar frosting.

Metallic wedding cakes

Metallic colour themes are hot right now for wedding receptions. But be careful not to overdo the look! If you are going all out on a spectacular metallic wedding cake design then look at keeping other metallic elements of your reception decorations quite subtle so that they complement each other instead of becoming too overwhelming.

Black wedding cakes

Yes, you heard that right. Black wedding cakes are now becoming a hot trend! Welcome your guests to the dark-side with a dramatic back iced cake. Black fondant can make a wonderful background to really make the finer cake decorations stand out.

Hand-painted wedding cakes

You can argue that every single wedding cake is a work of art, but when you can get a talented artist to paint your wedding cake with a design of your own choosing, then you really are creating something special for your big day. Whether it is birds and flowers, or more dramatic geometric designs, nothing could be more unique or personalised.

Doughnut walls

Fancy something a little unconventional? A new hipster favourite this year is for hanging up a doughnut wall instead of having a traditional layered wedding cake. You can have a doughnut wall where individual doughnuts are hung from pegs to allow you guests to choose their favourite flavour.

Fabric cakes

Great for lovers of crafting with fabric, knitters and those who like cosy themes. Lace effect cakes are popular right now, but how about a cake with a cable knit texture adorned with crochet flowers. Or dramatic draped silk effect fondant combined with delicate lace edges for a more elegant feel.

Whatever your particular passion in life, you don’t have to stick to traditional wedding cake designs for your special day. Choose what you love and have elements of that woven into your cake design to make it truly individual and unique.