Wedding Venue

When choosing your ideal wedding venue to host your big day, the most obvious question will always be: Is your wedding venue available for our wedding day?

OK, this is a bit of an obvious question, but of course it is an important one. Without a positive confirmation, you will be completely stumped! Falling in love with a wedding venue can often be heartbreaking should you find out that another couple have booked the very date that you want. This is why it pays to shop around early for your wedding venue.

Never leave booking this important element of your big day until the very last minute or you may well find yourself very disappointed. Some popular wedding venues can often be booked up on certain dates years in advance. Bear this in mind before you set your heart on a particular location. Some bride and grooms to be have been known to book their venue before setting an actual wedding date just so they can be assured of securing their perfect venue choice.

How many guests can we comfortably fit?

This is another very important question. If you are planning on having a big family wedding where everyone and their cousin is invited, you will want to make sure you can actually fit in all your wedding guests without them feeling uncomfortable or cramped, or you find yourself breaking some fire safety regulations that are set for your chosen venue.

If you plan to have a sit-down dinner, you will need to have an area large enough to seat everyone. It is no good trying to squeeze 100 people into a dining room that is only suitable for 60. The same goes the other way too. If you are having a more intimate wedding where your guest numbers will be restricted, it is best not to book a huge ball room that could comfortably seat 250 people when you are only going to cater for 60.

Once you know how many guests you are inviting, you should check that your chosen venue suits your requirements or can offer you a choice of rooms where your wedding party will be much more happy to sit.

Request a sample seating plan

Most venues that are used to hosting weddings will already have seating plans that would be suitable for different sized wedding parties. Remember to ask if the venue provides round tables or long banqueting tables. Most venues will be able to supply photographs of previous wedding layouts to show you their options, so you can get a great idea from looking at these.

What time can we arrive at the venue?

The website may say one thing, such as ‘book for the whole day’, but in reality it may be very different to how you interpret this. Depending on the venue’s existing bookings and the time it takes to clean up from a previous wedding party to the time needed to set up for your wedding party, you may find that ‘the whole day’ really means from 1 pm onwards.

By confirming what time you can actually arrive will be a great help for your planning. It also means that if you have any guests not attending your wedding, but who are invited to your reception, will not turn up too early and be left to watch the cleaners hoovering up from the previous party.

Can we agree a timetable for the day? 

Depending on how busy your chosen venue is, they may have a pretty structured timetable in place that they would prefer you to stick to, especially if they have other wedding parties being hosted in other areas of the venue. It may be that you want your reception dinner to be served at 7pm, but another party has already booked that slot, so you may have to agree to either 6pm or 8pm, depending on your own schedule of events.

It is all in the planning and timing, so book your wedding venue early and don’t leave this important element to the last minute! For more info visit my website.