Wedding Insurance

Insuring against any unexpected events is taken for granted in every day life. This is why we all have car and home insurance, and most also go that little bit further with health and life insurance just to be extra careful. But how many of us think about insuring our weddings?

Wedding insurance can be an unexpected cost that most couples don’t think about while budgeting for their big day. When you think about it, there is so much at steak if something should go wrong that is is well worth considering taking out wedding insurance to protect your special day.

Taking out insurance for just one day can seem a bit pointless, but in reality it is a very small price to pay when compared to how much money you are paying out for your wedding day. The cost of your wedding can be ranked as one of the most expensive purchases you will make and can be on a par with buying a new car or a deposit for a house. Do you really want to put this money at risk should something unavoidable happen?

What does wedding insurance cover?

While you may be confident that you have planned your wedding to the nth degree, there is always the chance of accidents happening. You may get a last minute cancellation from your caterer, your wedding car may breakdown or be involved in a crash en-route to collect you, there may have been a fire at your wedding venue…. so many risks that can can easily ruin your big day.

You never know what can happen, so if your wedding cake gets dropped, or you lose your wedding rings, you will at least know that you are covered for any eventuality. Having insurance won’t immediately fix the problem. If you were to get snowed in so bad that the roads were impassable, your insurer isn’t suddenly going to appear with a massive slow-plough to clear the roads for you. However, for your own peace of mind it will be comforting to know that your insurance will cover you financial losses for the day enabling you to re-schedule your wedding without having to start saving up again from scratch to pay for it.

Lost documents

Losing your marriage documents is more common than you think, especially for those getting married abroad. What would you do if you lost these important documents while travelling back from your wedding? This is your proof of marriage – how difficult would it be to get through customs without them? Wedding insurance can cover all of your reasonable costs involved in retrieving them and this includes accommodation and travel expenses.

Insuring your wedding venue booking

Hiring your chosen wedding venue can be one of the most expensive elements of your budget. You will need to secure your booking with a sizeable deposit, but what if something untoward should happen to your venue? What if the venue experienced a damaging fire or flood that made the place unsafe or unusable. Your insurance would mean that any costs incurred by you for rearranging your wedding to another venue will be covered while you await for your original deposit to be refunded.