Wedding Reception Trends

Most years will see hot trends in wedding reception decorating come and go. Many influences will stick around for a few years and inspire the next big thing, so it is no surprise to see that this years biggest trends are a follow through of what we have seen over the past couple of years. Lets take a look at three popular ideas thatĀ  are surfacing this year and how they can be used to tie together a great wedding reception look.

Cactus-inspired theme

We often see popular design motifs running through wedding accessories such as the fleur-de-lis, Ivy leaves or even song-birds, and these are subtle embellishments that can help to tie-in different colour schemes and wedding themes. This year the trend has gone away from the more delicate fern and foliage styles to a more tropical and spiky cactus-inspired theme.

Used anywhere from napkins and flower arrangements to wedding stationery, the cactus design can bring a flourish to your wedding style without it having too feminine overtones. This would be a great element for minimalist weddings or for those who are looking for a modern clean-cut style without too much unnecessary faff.

If you want the best of both worlds and incorporate flowers and cactus themes, then why not use flowering cacti and succulents for your table decorations that contrast well with brightly coloured table runners.

Scandinavian Influences

For those looking at having a winter wedding, the Scandinavian influenced theme is going to be big this year. With an overall feeling of nature and relaxation, the look is more pared back and fresh. While summer weddings are focused on the great outdoors and natural light, the Scandinavian theme goes for rustic barns with the focus on minimalism and good lighting but with and an evenĀ  heavier focus on food and community.

Think along the lines of bringing nature indoors with plenty of natural elements such as seasonal greenery, evergreens and foliage, along with plenty of soft candlelight to bring your guests together over their meal. Winter weddings give you the opportunity to eat good food with your closest family and friends, drinking and celebrating with each other while all feeling cosy and happy together in one space.

Stark winter white, greens and natural wood textures are combined together with the warm glow of candles and tea lights carefully placed to emphasise the food and to invite people in for intimate conversation.

Imperial Tables

This year we are seeing individual round tables being abandoned for imperial ones. Sometimes a mixture of the two can create a more dynamic setting, especially for larger weddings where more guests are expected to attend. The main benefit of having long imperial tables is that you can really go to town with the central table decorations. This year we see a hot trend for tables to be quite bare with a raw-edge. This means rustic wood elements used for central displays as well as lighter table runners and linen table cloths replacing traditional heavy cotton ones.

Even the dining chairs are seeing a makeover with a move away from high-back designs and a lean towards more traditional cross-back chairs that add to the rustic-chic and overall feel. The combination of the two gives your guests a more inclusive feeling with the whole group rather than a feeling of separation by being put on separate tables.